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OAKS - Power up your institution with us

Our program is designed for current generation – digital native – internet age, 21st century Schools/ Teachers / Students..
learn through OVI


Learn through OAKS - the most acclaimed library of Live, 2D & 3D educational resources now at your fingertips! (Web/ Windows/ Android) (online / offline)



Using our vast CCE based question bank - Assess the conceptual understanding on different levels of difficulty, on different skills (academic standards) on each and every topic / concept.

immediate action


Our in-depth insightful analytics will result in immediate action, which help in transform the child future.

OAKS - at a glance


Flip the way students learn / teachers teach

Blended Learning

Learn at Home and Practice at School

Anytime Anywhere Learning

At your own pace

21st Century School

We will get you there

OAKS - core features

Academic Calendar

Perfect planning for the whole academic year is now is hastle-free with OAKS. Micro-schedules, linked activities projects, oral assessments, scientific planning for SA's and FA's with term wise projects and evaluation criteria.

A Complete Solution

Visible benefits of the program are curiosity, confidence, the ability to reflect, and higher-order thinking skills in children.


Grade-wise, subject-wise, concept-wise and academic standard wise tracking of each student. Seamless communication with the teacher and the parents. Identifying and plugging gaps in learning through strong remedial strategies.

Content Mapped To Syllabi

AP State Board, Telangana State Borad, CBSE etc.

Weekly CCE Assessments

A multi dimentional assessments and analytic soulution with CCE assessments provides actionable intellegence to schools, teachers and parents.

Teacher Empowerment

Empower teachers with digital content customized to the day plan of the academic calendar. Contents of all activities/experiments in the subjects will enable teachers and students with real experiences and reflection.

What are you waiting for?

Be a 21st century School/Teacher/Student
as a administrator/teacher/student/parent

01.As a teacher

you can become more effective by using OAKS that enable you to spend more time on actually what you are meant to do ..teaching ..!

02.As a student

You get to learn at your pace and take advantage of personalized time with your teachers in the class to reinforce the concepts by doing it (activities) along with your friends.

03.As an administrator

As an administrator, you enhance the quality of teaching and learning in your school, and efficiently perform regular academic administration tasks.

04. As a parent

Students demonstrate superior understanding of core academic concepts, are able to apply their knowledge to real-lifr problems and communicate better in english. Parents are able to see a visible improvement in their child's academic performance, personal confidence and prepared-ness for higher studies.

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